• Destination : high atlas
  • Grade :
  • Trip Days : 8 day
  • Trip Type : Biking
  • From 2 peoples to 4 peoples 750 Euros p/p

Take your Mountain Bike into the upper reaches of the High Atlas. Wherever you wander, nature’s displays won’t disappoint you. Single-track mountain bike holidays in Morocco for the experienced rider looking for a fully supported, great adventure Mountain Biking in Morocco


Day 1:
Fly into Marrakech. We will collect everyone from here and transfer directly to a comfortable guest house tamater in Imlil. Transfer time is about 1H30. If we have time then you can build your bike and snatch a quick ride out if you want, then dinner. Dinner is a feast of Soup, tajine and fruit desert followed by tea. Getting to bed early is not easy! You’ll be buzzing with excitement and trying to digest so much information.
We aim to do one transfer from the airport to Imlil. However, we are aware that not everyone can arrive at the same time so if your arrival time is very different from the rest of the group we offer a subsidised additional transfer option to Imlil for £20

Day 2:
This is the start of the riding on the first day. We start with a climb! Not a tough one but good enough to put pressure on the pedals to make sure everything is working. At the top of the pass (31’08’53.45 N 7’53’18.42 W 2300m) we usually stop for mint tea and biscuits before heading for the first real single-track through the villages of Tacheddirt, Tamgaist and Amssakrou. This is good, technical single-track for a couple of hours which drops us into the riverbed for lunch. After a good, long lazy lunch we’re off again. A short climb which turns into a SUPER TECHNICAL single-track descent. This really is tough stuff and very few people can ride it without dabbing.
At the end of this singletrack we stop in a Gite for the night at Imi Oughlad. Dinner is served and prepared by Mohammed and Assi who are exceptional cooks! Traditional Berber three course meal which will leave you stuffed and content! (31’11’40.32 N 7’57’13.22 W 1382m)

Day 3:
A hearty breakfast and stock of energy bars in the camel back will see us through the first climb of the day. From Imi Oughlad we start a tough climb to the head of the second pass of the week. The climb is optional and uplift can be arranged for those not wanting the challenge of it. From here we have the first super fast, tight, technical, rocky single-track of the day. Kilometer after kilometer of single-track will keep you on and off the brakes as you hit the rocky technical sections and try desperately hard to keep your speed up! This is easier and faster single-track than on the first day and will put a big smile on your face!
At the bottom of this single-track there is a shop where we can grab a coke and cake before setting off again on the next climb. At the top of this climb we drop into a short section of very technical single-track. It’s only a short section of 800m but it feels much, much longer because it’s really challenging! From here we drop into the Gite where we will be staying for the night and have lunch.
After lunch we have a photo shoot session. This is a great location because of the single-track, views and redness of the rock. There are some tough technical sections which are well worth sectioning if you’re up for it or just fast flowing single-track if you prefer. From this you should get photos you’ll want to frame when you get home!
Another massive three course meal with lots of good banter to help digest the days events, trail and food! (31’08’08.62 N 7’58’32.36 W 1780m)

Day 4:
This is a ‘mega’ day of single-track. The Gite is at nearly 2000m in altitude and today is the day to ‘cash in’ on the altitude!
1.5km from the Gite the single-track starts. Tight, steep twisty single-track drops us onto a riverbed we cross to pick up the single-track on the other side. This path links three or four villages as we traverse from one to the other. This is fast and flowing but we don’t lose much height as we follow the riverbed below. There are a couple of little climbs of 3-400m which catapult us into incredibly fast sections where you need to slam on the anchors to avoid firing off the single-track on tight hairpin corners…This one section of single-track is over three hours long!
We stop for lunch in a secluded wooded part of the riverbed where our cook  will be waiting and would have already prepared mint tea for our arrival. Lunch will be a welcome break from the efforts of riding as fast as you can for so long on so much single-track. But it doesn’t stop here…
After lunch we’re off again. A short warm up of 1.5-2km and we’re crossing a large damn to find the entrance to yet another incredible ribbon of single-track. A very sketchy entrance unravels into km after km of gently down sloping single-track in a spectacular gorge. This is truly breath taking scenery to match some of the best single-track in the world!
Unfortunately, like all the best things, it has to come to an end! At 31’13’32.56N 8’07’36.14W we join a tarmac road. From here we have a gentle ride to the gite10km outside Amizmiz. (31’13’05.01 N 8’10’20.27 W 1005m).

Day 5:
After breakfast we head off on one of the toughest days of the week. Today is a great single-track challenge day. Not much single-track descending but some great, technical single-track climbing and challenges all morning! This will test even the most technically competent rider to the max! All of this has been ridden without a dab so it can be done! But it’s tough. Very, very, tough!
We start with a single-track ridgeline ascent. The grip is good but you need to pick a good line and save your energy for the tricky bits which are thrown in there just to spice it up! From the top of this challenge we have a traverse and single-track descent back into a riverbed on the other side of the valley for another, very technical ascent. This one is rockier (but not loose) and good trials skills will be an enormous advantage. A real lung buster, but you’ll be amazed at the level of grip witch drives you forward and makes it a really good section. From the top here there is a fantastic single-track descent for your reward before another, shorter, smooth, steady single-track traverse which pops us onto a dirt track road which we follow for 3km to the van for lunch.
After lunch we have a short, steady traverse through several rustic villages to Ait Ahmad where the Gite for the night is. An earlier finish, usually around 4.30pm will help you recover for the next single-track ‘Mega’ tomorrow. This is a great village to explore with its incredible landscape, scenery and caves. (31’07’43.77 N 8’16’03.87 W 1483m)

Day 6:
This is the last day on the bike and possible the best! Another single-track ‘Mega day’ will challenge your fitness and technical ability!
We start with a gentle traverse and climb to the head of the pass. This includes a 10 minute hike-a-bike but the rewards a the top are incomprehensible! If you enjoy single-track, this is your heaven!
As you look down the giant valley all you can see in a fine ribbon of single-track disappearing in to the distance. This is fast and flowing to start and as it drops in height becomes more technical into the riverbed. All easily rid able but you’ll be desperate to keep your speed up to increase the ‘grin factor’ and mistakes will be made! It’s just not possible to ride hours of single-track without making a mistake…Especially when you’re hammering it!
One of the sections of single-track runs through a dry riverbed. It’s smooth with rocks lining the twisting route so if you come off line you get punished. The twisting route makes you throw the bike around as you shift your weight from one pedal to the next to find the grip out of the slide into the next bend. Almost like slalom. Big ring, flat out!

This is just one section, there are too many to list but I have to say there is something for everyone and everyone loves it. From slow, super technical to smooth and flat out and everything in between! This continues for hours, without a letup anywhere. The finale is a rickety bridge crossing which takes us to the van for a late lunch. Tired and dusty!
After lunch you can either transfer in the van to Ijoukak for the last night in the mountains or if you prefer, which most do, ride the 18km to the Gite. (Ijoukak 30’59’08.11 N 8’08’59.56 W. Tigmi tamazirt

Day 7:
Pack up the bikes after breakfast; load the 4×4 and transfer to the Hotel or riad in Marrakech for the rest of day and night. This is a great opportunity to explore the famous Jnaa El Fna square, souks and other sights. Explore the city and if you’re up for it, a Hammam to help refresh aching limbs! The night in the hotel is included in the price but you’ll need some money for souvenirs and dinner. Breakfast is also included on the morning of departure.
Day 8:
Fly home.
Transfert to airport
Its end of my service
I hope did you have nice holidays with us



    • All food on trek, including plates, cups, utensils.
    • All ground transport required to and from the trek.
    • Services of an English speaking, qualified Local Guide.
    • All Accommodation during the Trek (Campsites & Guest House and hotels)
    • Portages (Cook and Camels and Porters
    • Hôtels or riads with breakfast


    • Soft Drinks (Fanta,Coca,water,…)
    • Personal travel insurance .
    • Personal equipments (Sleeping bags,walking shoes ,…)
    • Tip for the guide and cook and driver and Muleteers


    Prices quoted are per person, based on sharing a twin room/2 person tent (unless otherwise stated). Additional hotel or riad nights after trek from 25 EUR p.p. twin/35 EUR single

    Trek prices may vary depending of the season (High altitude Treks).

    Note about payment : Payment : can be done in € / $ / £ or MAD